Looking for free homeschool art lessons? You’ve come to the right place!

Youtube is a homeschooler’s God-send! My daughter is the artsy one in the family, but I did not even know where to start to teach art. She did take art classes in the community and at the homeschool coop, but I also supplemented with homeschool art lessons on Youtube.

Youtube offers everything from drawing instruction to art history, and art theory to fun craft projects.

Here is a list our favorite art lessons on Youtube.

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Art Lessons – Drawing

Brad’s Art School channel is a fun animated art school for beginners of all ages. Brad offers lessons on perspective, shapes, poses, faces, and so much more.

Art for Kids Hub offers fun, simple, quick lessons on drawing from a more cartoon-like perspective. They upload new videos every weekday and have been doing so for years. That means there are a TON of lessons on everything from drawing a wide mouth pumpkin to drawing a weightlifter.

Makoccino is a artist from Germany with a huge Youtube following. Her lessons are easy to understand and are definitely for those who are more serious about learning how to draw. Start with her How to Draw 101: The Basics playlist for a great introduction to drawing. She offers many playlists such as Watercolors for Beginners and Art Career Advice.

Bob Ross – The Joy of Painting. Who doesn’t love Bob Ross?! This channel offers every episode from Season 1 to Season 30 of his wildly popular PBS painting show. If you want to follow along with him and create your own paintings, you will need to invest a good sum of money upfront for supplies. My daughter has watched just about every episode, but only used what she learned when she painted a mural on her bedroom wall.

homeschool art lessons

Paint It Kids is a one stop shop for art lessons for younger learners. They offer videos that include art theory, art history, and a whole lot of how-tos.

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Crafts for Homeschool Art Class

5-Minute Crafts Play offers literally 1000s of craft videos to get your children (and you) making neat little crafts… some simple and some more advanced.

Easy Kids Craft is mainly paper crafts for elementary aged children, based on holiday and special day themes. Examples: Paper Plate Wreaths for Christmas, String Eggs for Easter, and Paper Flowers for Mother’s Day.

Art History for All Ages

History & Learning for Kids is a curated playlist of 15 art history lessons from various channels. Quick, easy lessons for the art history beginners.

Free School offers an easy to watch, short playlist of artist biographies called Famous Artists for Kids. It includes lessons on van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet and more.

Khan Academy offers 13 different art history playlists from the general to the specific. You can easily create your own high school Art History course using these videos as a spine to build on. The more specific playlists are great for supplementing a History course. For example, if you teen is studying African History, Khan Academy’s “Art of Africa” series would be a great addition.

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