The wonders of the internet never cease to amaze! Beyond the silly cat memes and the plethora of political forums, the internet actually contains years – even centuries – worth of online Bible study resources, including commentaries, concordances, devotional, and more.

There has never been a time where Christians have had better access to spiritual knowledge and teaching than at this point in history.

As you dig deeper into the Word of God, I encourage you to study the preaching and writings of history’s greatest Christian leaders.

Below is a list of the 10 best free online Bible study resources to help you dig deeper into the Word.

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Bible Study Tools includes Bible reading plans for those who don’t know where to start. With a free account, users can add notes, bookmarks, and even highlight verses. My favorite feature is access to numerous commentaries, particularly those of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Charles Spurgeon.

Bible Hub

I often find myself wandering around for extended lengths of time. If I had every day for the rest of my life to simply peruse this site, I still don’t think I would even scratch the surface of all that is available here.

Bible Hub includes numerous complete translations of the Bible, as do many websites and Bible apps. What makes Bible Hub different is it also includes concordances, dictionaries, sermons, commentaries, as well as study tools to help with Greek and Hebrew. is the online version of the popular You Version app. This is my go-to for devotional studies as they have literally thousands to choose from.

My personal favorites are devotionals by Tim Keller, John Piper, and R.C. Sproul. is a wonderful free resource for those looking for foreign language Bibles. Languages include Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Czech, Hungarian, Simplified Chinese… even Arabic and Latin!

Biblia also offers Bible study tools, verse of the day widgets to add to social media or blogs, and a blog of Bible facts.


Blue Letter Bible is mainly known for its in-depth search features. For example, you can narrow a search to a particular word and where that word appears in the Bible.

This is a great online Bible resource if you are wanting to do your own topical study.

Blue Letter Bible also has devotionals, study tools, and commentaries – including commentaries by women. Check out Mary Elizabeth Baxter’s commentaries on the women of the Bible.

EasyEnglish Bible provides a simple translation in English for English language learners. This site also includes commentaries, summaries, and Bible studies written in the same simple English for easier understanding.

The “Easy English” language was developed by Mission Assist along with their partners at Wycliffe Global Alliance.

This is also a great resource for native English speakers looking for a simpler translation.

eBible offers a complete copy of the Bible (choose from numerous translations in English, or versions in foreign languages), but its unique feature is the question and answer forums contributed to by users.

Granted, not everyone who comments is an expert. As such, discernment is needed when reading responses.

e-Sword is a free software download that includes “everything needed to study the Bible in an enjoyable and enriching manner.” It includes search tools, commentaries, and dictionaries, as well as an editing feature for creating your own Bible studies or sermons.

This is a great way to access all you need for productive Bible study when you do not have access to the internet.

e-Sword can be downloaded to both Windows and Mac computers, as well as iPhones and iPads.

Bible Web App offers several English translations, as well as translations in Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Greek, and Hebrew.

What sets Biblewebapp apart is its easy to use comparison tool that allows you to see two translations side-by-side. Another unique feature is the Gospel parallels guide that lets you compare gospel accounts side-by-side. is a complete English Standard Version of the Bible with simple search and note-taking features.

This may not be the most thorough website, but its simplicity is just enough for those who do not need or want a Greek or Hebrew lesson to go with their Bible studies.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to take some time to find which of these resources works best for your needs and bookmark them. As you are reading through the Bible, seek out commentaries from trusted Christian voices at these websites. Switch between translations to get a better understanding of the verse or passage you are reading. And make sure to pass on these free online Bible study resources to others.