I’m so glad you stopped by!

I’m Stephanie. I have one husband, two teenagers, one dog, two cats, one mortgage on an 1906 farmhouse in rural Georgia, over 15 years experience working from home, over 15 years experience homeschooling, a love for Jesus, one tired old mini van named Betty, and a huge heaping helping of been there, done that experience across numerous disciplines – from homemaking and crafts, to budgeting and saving, and everything in between.

This blog exists as a one stop shop for what works and what doesn’t based on my personal experiences. My hope is you will also share your years of experience here with us so that, as a community, we can all help each other juggle the numerous responsibilities of the multitasking mom together.

So, grab a cup of coffee and your bullet journal (or just a piece of scrap paper… nobody’s judging you here) and get ready to take some notes. We are here to simplify, organize, and share ideas with the hopes of becoming more efficient, and more productive moms and wives. And, hopefully, we can become more content and peaceful women along the way.